Compacteurs et Presses à Balles les Déchets Mil-tek Suisse

Leader dans la fourniture de presses à balles pneumatiques d'encombrement limité et de compacteurs pour réduire la taille et recycler le carton, le plastique, le polystyrène, les déchets ordinaires et l'acier.



How Miltek Use ISO9001 & ISO14001 Quality Management Systems

As part of ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, Mil-tek sources consultation from DNVGL, to ensure the manufacturing and provision of environmentally friendly waste handling equipment is conducted correctly.

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EN16500 Vertical Baler Range Goes Online

Mil-tek has updated its online catalogue with the much-anticipated range of EN16500 vertical balers. The 5 machines have now been added to the online catalogue across the EU.

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Mil-tek Sponsors 'Ride to Education' Charity

DENMARK: Ml-tek A/S have sponsored four young men as they begin an 8000 km trip from Denmark to Gambia, to raise money and awareness for the "Ride to Education" charity.

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Airpop: Expanded Polystyrene Gets A New Name

European Manufacturers of Expanded Polystyrene have undertaken a campaign to rename EPS. The joint-industry initiative highlights the value of a lightweight and extremely useful material...

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